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What Is The Hexagon Customer Portal And How Can You Use It?

What Is The Hexagon Customer Portal and How Can You Use It?

By Jenny Walker, Planit Canada Service Manager

As a CABINET VISION user, you have several resources available to you to help you manage your account and licenses, have technical questions answered, receive training, and take advantage of professional services.  Today we’ll learn how you can use your Hexagon Customer Portal (HCP), but first, I’ll provide some links that help explain your other resources.

The CABINET VISION eSupport forum is a great way to get a quick answer to a sticky question.  Read 5 Ways to Get the Most of Out of eSupport here.

If you’d like to request technical support, training or professional services from our experienced service team, you can reach out to us at or by completing this Service Request form.

If you’re curious about how our service team can help with custom programming and process improvement, read this article The Red Herring in the Process.

Curious about the ‘H’ in HCP? Read about Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence here.

Your Customer Portal

First and foremost – how can you access your Customer Portal once that initial email gets lost in the mix? Look no further than the LOGIN at the top of the Planit Canada website.

Pic 1

Whereas eSupport is the forum for worldwide CABINET VISION users to ask questions & get answers, access Wikis, view videos and suggest improvements, HCP is the gateway to your account and licenses.

Software Downloads – this is where you can access your software for downloading.
You’ll see all software versions you are entitled to. These can be downloaded as often as you need, which can come in handy when you buy a new computer for a new user and wish to Install CV, or heaven forbid something happens to your existing computer and you need to install on a new computer.

Pic 2

Under Login details, you can do a few useful things. Firstly, you can select your language preference. You can also reset your HCP password here, but you need to remember your previous password to do so. Reach out to us if you don’t have it; we’ll be happy to help.

Pic 3

From here, you can also see how many eSupport seats you have. You’ll have one seat for every CABINET VISION license covered under the Maintenance Agreement (SMA). If you have 5 CV licenses, you’re then entitled to 5 eSupport seats – this means you can give your 5 users access to eSupport and all the wonderful features that can be found there.

Pic 4

If an employee has left the company, or you’ve otherwise had a change in CABINET VISION staff, you can manage your contacts here. This can be helpful in ensuring the right people have access to the right features of the Portal as well as eSupport.

Pic 5

License details – here you can view what type of codes you have (timed or purchased), your license types, software maintenance expiry and you can revoke or update a standalone license. We’re always happy to help with this, but if you’d like to learn how to do it on your own, our team has created this reference guide.

Pic 6

The Planit Canada team is at your disposal to help ensure your success with the software. We aim to provide as many self-service tools as possible, while still having a dedicated team on hand to answer your calls. We look forward to growing your business, together.

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