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Woodland Horizon’s Practical Shift: How WEB-CAB Software Improved Manufacturing Efficiency [VIDEO]

Woodland Horizon’s Practical Shift: How WEB-CAB Software Improved Manufacturing Efficiency [VIDEO]

In 2005, Woodland Horizon began its journey as a small shop founded by Laverne and Emma Martin. Over the years, they expanded and shifted focus in 2015, opting to build their own brand instead of taking on sub-work for other manufacturers. The integration of CABINET VISION in 2016 marked a technological advancement, followed by the adoption of Vortek Spaces for rendering and video walkthroughs.

In 2022, faced with the limitations of a previous ERP attempt, Woodland identified scheduling and shop floor management as their primary challenges. Seeking a solution, they turned to WEB-CAB software, a manufacturing execution system (MES) and planning assistant. Despite facing a significant snowstorm, Laverne Martin visited another facility successfully using the software, prompting Woodland to implement it in their own operations.

Listen to Laverne Martin Testimonial in the video below

The very beginning of Woodland was 2005. This is when the company started. It was me and my wife Emma. We got married in 2005 and we moved into a small, small, small shop two thousand square feet very small until 2010 we moved to this location where we’re at today.

And then in 2015 we did a major shift. We really started focusing on building our own brand rather than doing sub work for other manufacturers. So it was a major shift for us kind of a reinvention of Woodland almost in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.

Through there we started really pushing CABINET VISION as our design software. After that I’d moved into Vortex spaces which was more of the rendering three-dimensional video walkthroughs. And really started building our team really focused more heavily on you know the team aspect of the business and really realized how important people are.

We just recently here moved into the whole webcam software. We realized we’re at a point in our business where we’re about as large as we can go without the wheels all falling off without some sort of a management software.

We had tried a full functional ERP software. Dramatically failed on that, and I take a lot of the blame for that, but it was it didn’t work for us. So, we narrowed our focus and said the biggest challenge that we’ve got is scheduling and job floor management. That’s really where our challenges are.

So looked at WEB-CAB, drove to go back in one of the worst snowstorms of the winter last year, the worst snowstorm of the century I think it was, and looked at another place that was running it or came back super impressed and started the process of implementation from there.

We’re now alive for about eight months I’m gonna say that we actually started using it on the shop floor and it’s been hands down the best decision we’ve made. Cabinets are flowing out of the shop on a nice level instead of those Peaks and Valleys that we used to see; it’s a nice level flow. Week by week, I’m just, actually I literally just noticed that this morning when I was looking at metrics, the dips and the dives we use to see are leveling out to a very flat stable week-by-week production numbers.

Every department in the shop sees what they need to do. It’s just calm distress down in the shop to where everyone knows if they get their tasks done on their assigned date, it’s all going to work out. So it’s been, it’s been fantastic, it’s been a huge help and I see it as a really solid platform for kind of the next level of our growth. As we look at potentially in a few years relocating to a different larger property that we have acquired in town here, just that’s part of our planning, and this is really the base level foundation for us as we move into, who knows what the future will hold but that’s, we’re excited.

Improved Operations

After eight months of using WEB-CAB, Woodland has seen tangible improvements. The software has leveled out production, reducing the peaks and valleys they used to encounter. Coordination among departments has improved, alleviating stress in the shop. The team now operates with a sense of confidence, knowing tasks completed on schedule lead to a smoother workflow.

For Laverne Martin, WEB-CAB isn’t just a tool for the present; it lays the foundation for Woodland’s future growth. As they contemplate a potential relocation to a larger property, the software becomes a key component in their strategic planning.

In summary, Woodland’s pragmatic approach to growth aligns with the practical benefits of WEB-CAB software. This partnership reflects the essential role technology plays in enhancing the efficiency of manufacturing processes.

WEB CAB Case Study Woodland Horizon 1 Scaled

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