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Technological Bull

Technological Bull

by Hugo Carrion, Planit Canada Junior Marketing Coordinator

VORTEK Spaces gives you the agility and speed to take on technology and make it look easy!

Let’s face it; new tech has a way of taking beloved but time-consuming tasks and making them a little, well, obsolete. No more need to burn a CD and create a mixtape – we have Spotify! You are going on vacation and can’t watch the playoffs? Just watch it on your phone! Designers and manufacturers now have similarly powerful tech that takes a tough job and makes it childs play. With its flexible and easy-to-use interface, VORTEK Spaces is the epitome of the 3D rendering software revolution. Not just another presentation tool, but an app that makes you look like the James Cameron of renders

“VORTEK Spaces does for 3D rendering what smartphones do for non-professional photographers.” – From a designer getting into 3D

As a small shop owner, you may not even think that VORTEK Spaces is much use to you – after all, you barely have the time to make a design layout and even less time to make it look pretty. You have already spent several hours working on the plan, plus you’d need to render it too; what a headache! With VS, right out of the box, you can easily add, remove, and customize any finish on the fly while achieving high-resolution renders and video walkthroughs instantly. VS provides you with an edge and wow factor to amplify your sales without stealing from your time budget.

Maybe the best part is that you only need one 30-minute session to learn how to use this software like a boss. All the materials, finishes and colours you might want to spec are right there in your library. In addition, the link to furniture suppliers like Wayfair provides an added value to your 3D renders as you can choose furniture from their catalogue from within the software. This extra level of detail creates a stronger link with your customer and lets you get rid of unnecessary steps in the purchasing process. And don’t worry about having to update the library yourself – it happens automatically when you use the app online.

The seamless integration with CABINET VISION, our custom kitchen cabinet design software and closet design software, makes it the perfect addition to your tech portfolio and will turn you into a full-fledged sales beast. You don’t need to be tech-savvy or have a background in 3D rendering to use VORTEK Spaces and take your business to the next level – the technology is here now. You just have to take the bull by the horns! Do it before your competition figures out how easy it is.

Want to find out more about creating fast renders?

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