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Discover Planning Assistant – An Easy Tool To Manage Your Operations Wherever You Are

Discover Planning Assistant – An easy tool to manage your operations wherever you are

Top takeaways from WEB-CAB’s Planning Assistant Webinar 

Are you overwhelmed by production delays and deadlines? Things often don’t go as planned; delays, unexpected issues, misunderstandings – all these can slow the day down, compromise your timeline and affect your deadline. 

Most of these issues can be addressed by implementing proper management techniques – if only you could have a planning assistant that took care of your schedule for you!  

As we learned in our recent webinar ‘Manage Your Operations Wherever You Are’, WEB-CAB’s Planning Assistant is a project management tool that creates flexible schedules designed to easily accommodate and modify all the steps in your manufacturing process.  

It not only creates a better experience for everyone from employees to customers, but it also provides a seamless project management experience for you thanks to its easy integration with your existing calendar and production tools.

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Get Your Schedule Working for You

Production Assistant synchronizes with your Google calendar. The planner intuitively moves tasks independently or as a group to keep all your projects in one timeline without creating scheduling conflicts.  

Edit and move events easily with color-coded categories that make it easy to understand labels, tasks and deadlines.  By centralizing and showing you your team’s tasks, Planning Assistant enables you to have a better understanding of your day-to-day operations.    

Screenshot 6Your Virtual Assistant Prioritizes Your Customer Experience

WEB-CAB’s Virtual Assistant keeps you on top of your productivity, by reducing time spent on project management and manual planning. Its flexibility allows you to control the progress of projects and facilitates decision-making. Attachments to projects and documents can be added to centralize all the information into one place.  

By easing internal communications, the assistant digitizes and centralizes information and documents necessary to successfully complete projects. Finally, it focuses on customer experience. Planning Assistant ensures deliveries are respected while taking potential delays into account. 

Screenshot 7Your Time is well Spent 

With WEB-CAB’s Planning Assistant, the number of hours per week allocated to manual project planning is eliminated, while helping you stay on top of the status of your projects at any time. It keeps track of your weekly goals, all while providing a smooth and intuitive interface that will give you the edge to tackle all your projects, no matter how big or small!

Would you like to learn more about WEB-CAB’s Planning Assistant? 

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