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Meetings On The Green

Meetings On The Green

by Planit Canada President Peter Mate

I recently played in the AFDICQ (Quebec kitchen cabinet association) golf tournament, and I remembered why golf and business go hand in hand. Where else do you have five hours of time to spend with three other individuals? Not in a board room, that’s for sure.  

I got a chance to deepen a relationship and form two new ones. During these five hours, we had laughs, we had disasters, we even had to wait around. We had time to get to know each other. That doesn’t happen as easily in an office setting or a board room.  

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I remember my first business golf game. I was just starting to play golf. I was young, and I was just starting my career with Cabinet Vision. The then-president told me that he had purposely put me in his foursome. There was betting among the foursomes and bragging rights for the winners. He must have assumed that my youth equaled golf skill. On the first tee box, he lit up a big cigar. As someone threw a tee in the air to determine who would shoot first, he said, “I’m the boss, I decide, and Peter’s going first.” As I nervously addressed the ball, he challenged: “Let’s see how far this career will take you.” Way to ease the stress, right? Well, it was one of my best shots of the entire game that day.  

Now, it takes a lot to make me nervous anywhere really, but especially on a golf course. Golf isn’t an easy game to play, but neither is business and both take practice. A LOT of practice. The more experience you have, the better you are at forging business relationships, and you might even end up shooting an Eagle on a Par 4. And acquiring new business partners. And having a great time! Business, golf… see where I’m getting at? 

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