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#BeAwesome, #BeActive, #BEHUMAN

#BeAwesome, #BeActive, #BEHUMAN

by Planit Canada President Peter Mate

Although there could be very easy debate about most topics, especially behind the safety of a computer screen, it’s hard to disagree that physical training is great for us. I try hard to create a work environment that entices good habits and brings out the best version of each of us. You’ll find no soda machine in our work place. You want to buy pop and bring it in to work? No problem. But I don’t want to entice you to drink more of it. On the contrary, I want to entice my team to eat healthy, have lower stress levels and stay in shape.

We’ve offered to pay 50% of gym memberships, training classes, yoga, etc. up to $1000 per year for the past few years now. This has always been a good incentive to work out, but now we’re taking it to the next level. We’ve found an exceptional local trainer that comes to the office every Monday at lunchtime and kicks our butts in the parking lot behind the office. It’s exhausting, but it feels great afterwards. We support each other, we push each other, we laugh, and we compete – we get better, together. I’m right in there with the gang. The more opportunities managers/leaders/owners have to connect with their colleagues in different ways, the tighter the relationship will be. Whether it be sharing a meal, working out, through sports or hobbies, the impact is substantial. It’s nice to see that we’re all human, we all get tired, sweat and rise up to challenges. #BEHUMAN

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