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This Is A Pit Stop: Adjust And Refuel

This is a Pit Stop: Adjust and Refuel

Written by Planit Canada President, Peter Mate.

I pinch myself. Yup… It’s another day in isolation and physical distancing. We’re living the real-world version of Groundhog Day. The movie was funny, but this real-life version is not so comical. In the movie Bill Murray continues playing through the same day until he gets it right. So, I ask myself; are we getting it right?

At first, I had plenty of projects to keep me busy, but I soon ran out of rooms to organize in the house. I recently had some lumber delivered and got to building some raised wicking garden beds for a vegetable garden. It’s been a project I intended to do for the past several summers, but the summers got busy and the garden beds never got built.

What does Groundhog Day look like for our businesses? Well, we’re taking the time to do the things we never had time to do. We’re working on updating our systems and our technology. We’re accepting the provincial and federal help and investing in getting Planit Canada in a better position for when we wake up to a new day on the other side of this pandemic. We’re seeing customers revamp their software setups, move to the newest version and further their knowledge. Things that seem to get away from us in the old day to day grind.

We know we’ll get through these challenging times. The question is, what will we have done during these times to affect change? Will we have adopted healthier habits? Will we have a greater appreciation for our healthcare workers? Will our businesses be nice and tidy and ready to hit the ground with a fresh pair of shoes?

The upside of this pause in our lives is we now have the ability to hit the reset button both personally and professionally. The fact that nearly every business has pulled into the pit stop gives us all the opportunity to give some much-needed TLC to ourselves and our businesses without feeling like we’re falling behind because others have kept going. Stay safe and do what you can to be better tomorrow than you are today.


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