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A Social Media Manager Walks Into A Woodworking Shop… Wait, What?

A social media manager walks into a woodworking shop… wait, what?

by Katrina Legault, Planit Canada Marketing Coordinator

You probably wouldn’t associate woodworkers with social media managers, the same way that you might not associate woodworking with software. But I’m here to shift your perspective a bit. (I’m a marketer; that’s my whole job, isn’t it?) You’d be surprised at how much awesome content can be created with an “outsiders” view of your work; from planning the project, to finished, beautiful, state-of-the art custom cabinetry.

There’s a running gag at the office that I’m such a “Millennial.” Sure, part of that comes from the fact that you can’t do anything at Planit Canada anymore without me taking a picture of it first and posting it to our social media. But I’m changing the way that we share our company’s mission to our followers, our clients and our partners. After all – we don’t just get fast food take out that we inhale over our laptops; we order in from our favorite local spots, we sit down together, and we share meaningful non-work-related conversations. Similarly, we don’t just sell software, but we provide a tool that will help you grow your business, that is backed up by an incredible team of people who will stand by your side while you do it. Now that makes an awesome social media post, don’t you think?

So, what happens when you bring a social media nerd to a woodworking shop? Well, first her eyes go real big like a kid in a candy store, and then she feels inspired to create content in a not-so-standard, out of the box way. The reality is that the software that we promote at Planit Canada is incredible, and our clients who have implemented it have phenomenal stories. So, if I can’t take THAT and turn it into something insightful for you to read, then I haven’t really done my job, have I.

I’m constantly fascinated. I recently visited two shops with two very different storylines, both equally riveting. The possibilities are endless, the entrepreneurs behind these spaces are inspiring, to say the least, and the industry is evolving at a fast pace, and no details are being left behind. You have a vision? There’s a software for that. You’re ready to pitch it to your next client? There’s a software for that. It’s manufactured and you’re ready to ship it out with zero missing parts? Yup, you guessed it. There’s a software for that, too.

These clients of ours, they get it. They’ve figured it out, and they let us help them make their vision a reality, and it’s my job to capture it and turn it into great content. There’s something truly magical about visiting these shops to create these success stories: they somehow tie in our innovative software, our incredible team, the awesome network of people that we work with and making everyone’s lives better, all in one. I flew from Montreal to Toronto, interviewed entrepreneurs from businesses that are in the top 400 fastest growing companies in Canada, saw the ins and the outs of having a custom cabinetry shop, and built my relationship with one of our Ontario sales reps. As my JOB, nonetheless.

So, I’m going to go post that to my Instagram now. BRB. TTYL! #BeAwesome.

Planit Canada loves to share success stories!  If you’d like your awesome business to be featured on our blog, reach out to .

Cover photo courtesy of Laurence Talbot.

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