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Book It. Do It. Capture It. Repeat.

Book it. Do it. Capture it. Repeat.

by Planit Canada President, Peter Mate

So much to do, so little time. Sound familiar to you? Looking back at 2019, do you feel as though you got the most out of it? There’s no denying that time truly does fly by and, before you know it, life has passed us by, and we’re left with whiplash wondering where the time has gone.

A new year is a great time to set some resolutions to be better, or to make better use of the upcoming year, but it’s hard to keep them. It’s OK. We’re human. The more we strive for change and being better, the more we’ll gravitate towards the person we want to be and the life we want to have. We don’t have to nail every resolution, but if we don’t set out to try, we’re doomed from the start.

I’m not a huge new year’s resolution person because I force myself to constantly strive to be better. I make tons of resolutions throughout the entire year. Many don’t get as much of my attention or pan out the way I intended, but some do. The one thing I always seem to get done moving into the new year is to look at my upcoming year and place some important things in my calendar.

When you look at a fairly open calendar, it’s easier to plan the things you actually want to accomplish: personal activities, family trips, business travel, learning seminars and conferences, and any other major events that are important to you, your family and your business. In finance, if you’re trying to save money, they say to pay yourself first. I believe time is the most valuable currency we have and making good use of it is my number on priority. I pay myself first.

I encourage you to take a look at your calendar this year and think about what will make you proud when you look back at this year in 2021. Maybe there’s an association event you’ve been wanting to attend, but never got around to it. Maybe you’ve been wanting to book a training session. Maybe you want to visit Spain. Maybe you want to try skydiving. Book it. Do it. Capture it. Repeat.

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