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It’s Just A Bunch Of Ho Ho Ho

It’s Just a Bunch of Ho Ho Ho

We made it. We’re on the cusp of saying farewell to a year that we will, without a doubt, remember forever. Or try not to remember forever, same difference.

At Planit Canada, we go above and beyond to make sure that we get to spend quality time together. We love to gather for staff lunches, we always celebrate birthdays and milestones, and there’s nothing we love more than catching up with clients and colleagues over a drink, or on the golf course.

We pivoted. We adjusted. We set up home offices, we took care of kids and answered phone calls, and we made it work. In more ways than one. We’re always up for a challenge, and this one was no exception. We got creative, we brainstormed ways to keep spirits bright and we brought in some extra reinforcements.

This week, we celebrated the holidays with our Planit Canada team virtually. We wore Santa hats and antlers, we had some drinks and we even invited Santa to the party; he happened to be in the prairies delivering some CNC machines before the holiday rush. We had a special guest host a virtual scavenger hunt, we opened gifts that were hand picked from a selection of awesome local businesses in our area, we caught up on what everyone’s kids are up to, some members of our team just purchased their first home, and others are expecting.

There are ways to stay connected. There are ways to see on the bright side, and when you look back at at year that was so challenging for our industry and most others, we’re so grateful to be part of such an incredible, strong and innovative community. We’ve got each others’ backs, we check in, we work hard, we have fun.

From all of us at Planit Canada, in light of a different kind of holiday season for most Canadians this year, wish you a time of peace and joy with the ones that you love the most. We wish you health and happiness, and we can’t wait to see you all in 2021 to ramp up those CNC machines and get back to business as usual. Is that going to be a thing? Who knows. But the one thing that we are sure about is: We’ll get there. Together.

Happy holidays and all the best for 2021!


The Planit Canada Team.

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