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Let’s Go, Girls.

Let’s go, girls.

by Katrina Legault, Planit Canada Marketing Coordinator

I’m a huge go-getter. I crave opportunities, I seize them, I look for ways to learn, grow and conquer. It fuels me every day of my life, and I don’t think that there’s an end point to this thrill of the chase. I’ve gathered quite a large network of women who are the same but different: they remind me that the sky is the limit, and there really is no “one way” to teach someone this concept. I’m referring to women who are powerhouses. Women who built their own businesses from the ground up, women who run marathons, women who are single parents and women who know how to handle difficult situations with poise and patience. I don’t have THAT much experience in the work force but I can tell you this much: not every workplace on the face of the Earth gives us the freedom to tick off the items on our long list that make us feel fulfilled, and as though we are able to accomplish something greater than the expectations we may have set for ourselves.

Planit Canada gives you this opportunity. Planit Canada doesn’t turn a blind eye to a woman in a “man’s” world. We’re encouraged to bring our ideas to the table, to try something new, to potentially fail, but then figure out what went wrong and try again. We’re also encouraged to get a workout in and go home to our sick child if need be. Because we’re women? No. Because we’re smart and capable and have so much insight and experience to contribute? Now we’re talking. It has nothing to do with the fact that we’re female, and has everything to do with the fact that we’re different in a special way.

I never imagined a job in the woodworking industry; I really, really didn’t. It’s not sexy, and there’s a lot of dust and big machines and, well, how are you supposed to market that? You heard it here first, ladies and gentlemen: There are ways. There are very creative ways and when you put your mind to it and open yourself up to out of the box opportunities, the ideas will start pouring in and you turn them into something fabulous; I’m talking sexy and fabulous in the woodworking industry. Who would have thought? But, I’m surrounded with an incredible team of both men and women who are supportive of my projects and big ideas. And, the icing on top of the cake is that I report to women. My marketing partner in crime/supervisor is a strong and creative female. And all of the other management positions at Planit Canada are filled by women, too. Which, mind you, was unintentional and purely coincidental, but certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.

We decided to make this month all about the Female power in the woodworking industry. Not because it’s better than male power, or due to any inequality issue or any other negative connotation to “women in woodworking” that you can think of. We’re highlighting them because they’re worth talking about. We know women who lead a sales powerhouse. We know women who manage a woodworking shop. We know women who are wizards with wires and RFID labels and computers and software. We know them. We work with them. We look up to them. It’s their time to shine.

From everyone at Planit Canada, we wish you a Happy International Women’s Day!

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