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Working From Home: The Best Way To Use Cabinet Vision Remotely On Your Laptop Or Home Computer

Working from Home: The Best Way to Use Cabinet Vision Remotely on Your Laptop or Home Computer

Are you looking for ways to continue working while at home?  Our Senior Software Specialist, Christopher Manclière, has some tips for ensuring you can continue using Cabinet Vision while working remotely.

Working Remotely with Cabinet Vision

Use a Remote Access Application, like Team Viewer, GoToMyPC, or Chrome Remote Desktop – these are remote desktop applications allowing you to access your office computer from any other computer.  In our experience with Cabinet Vision, this is your best bet for successfully working from a home computer or laptop. You’ll need someone at the office to set it up, but then you’ll be able to work from home regardless of the type of license you hold.

Tips for using remote access applications

  1. With any network-based infrastructure, such as remote access applications, data encryption and security are of utmost priority.  We recommend you speak with your internal IT department or an external IT consultant before committing to a solution.
  2. Ensure you can keep your office Computer turned on at all times.
  3. Ensure you have high-speed internet at both your office and your home.
  4. Avoid using the Microsoft Remote Desktop – this app utilizes protocols that prevent the software licensing module from authorizing the software launch.

Other Options

  1. Installing Cabinet Vision on your home computer or laptop. This option will depend on the type of license you hold.  If you are able to bring your standalone key home, this option could work for you.  However, in addition to installing Cabinet Vision on your home computer, you’ll need to import your database and transfer all your Cabinet Vision settings.  Then of course, you’ll need to do the same in reverse when you return to the office.  If you choose to go this route, we have documents to walk you through the process, but we can not guarantee a seamless process for you.
  2. NOT RECOMMENDED: Commuting your network license. This option could work for you if you have a network license that meets certain criteria, but we do not recommend it. It will essentially disconnect one license from your network for a limited period of time defined by you (30 days, for example). You’ll have to install Cabinet Vision on your home computer and use your commuted license from home.  You’ll also need to import your database and transfer all your Cabinet Vision settings to your home computer.  Transferring all those settings back to your network when you return to the office is a tricky process that, once again, we do not recommend.

Our team of technical consultants is ready to help your team face the challenges of working remotely.  Reach out to for help yourself up for remote work.

Did You Know?

Planit Canada offers online technical support by the hour. You can receive invaluable training without requiring an onsite visit. We provide support on CABINET VISION and all our other products such as VORTEK Spaces and WEB-CAB. Visit our Purchase Training & Support Hours for more information.

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