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Planit Canada Fuels Woodworking Education With Collaborative Training Week

Planit Canada Fuels Woodworking Education with Collaborative Training Week

Hudson, Quebec, Dec 1 – Planit Canada recently hosted a dynamic training week at its headquarters in Hudson, Quebec. The focus was on empowering educators from St-Clair College, Conestoga College, and Georgian College with in-depth insights into CABINET VISION.

During this engaging week, Christine Bergeron, a seasoned technical consultant at Planit Canada, spearheaded sessions instructing educators about CABINET VISION for woodworking students’ training. The exchange between educators and Planit delved into the evolving needs of employers in the woodworking industry and the aspirations of students pursuing woodworking education.

Steve Bader, Woodworking Program Co-ordinator at Conestoga College said, “The training was excellent, comprehensive, and thorough.  Christine was terrific!  We look forward to working with Planit Canada to educate our students and assist with filling an industry need”.

The collaborative initiative is a testament to Planit Canada’s commitment to investing in education and students, contributing to the sustainability of the woodworking industry. As a leader in cabinet shop software solutions, we recognize the importance of a strong connection between academia and industry, ensuring that graduates are equipped with the skills employers demand.

St. Clair College Woodworking Technician Program is thrilled with our continued collaboration with Planit. Our unwavering focus remains on providing hands-on experiences that align seamlessly with industry standards. As part of this commitment, we are pleased to continue to offer dedicated CNC courses with a focus on Cabinetry, Kitchen and Bath Design that empower our students to implement CABINET VISION software effectively. This collaboration ensures that our students not only master traditional woodworking techniques but also gain proficiency in cutting-edge technologies and prepares them for success in the ever-evolving woodworking industry. – Diana Mezei, Instructor, St-Clair College

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Left: Diana Mezei, Instructor at St-Clair College, Alan VanClieaf, Instructor at Georgian College, Christine Bergeron, Technical Consultant at Planit, Peter Mate, President at Planit, Ted Padfield, Program Coordinator at Conestoga College, James Goerzen, Instructor at Conestoga College, Trevor Hibbs, Instructor at Conestoga College, Kim Keogh, Instructor at Georgian College, Steve Bader, Program Coordinator at Conestoga College, Katie Brecknock, Operations Manager at Planit.

Beyond the enriching sessions, educators had the opportunity to explore the picturesque Hudson Village, savouring local scenic views and culinary delights at charming restaurants.

This training week really shows how much we’re into building solid partnerships with schools. We truly believe in students and are all about making a big impact on the future of the woodworking industry. – Katie Brecknock, Operations Manager at Planit Canada.

Looking ahead, Planit Canada is poised to intensify its investment in students, with plans extending into 2024. The company remains dedicated to sustaining an open dialogue that strengthens the bridge between education and industry, ensuring a thriving future for woodworking professionals.

Planit Canada is a leading provider of innovative cabinet shop and CNC cabinet softwares for the woodworking industry. With a focus on empowering professionals and students with cutting-edge technology, Planit Canada is committed to shaping the future of woodworking through education and collaboration.

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