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It’s As Easy As ‘point, Click, Select, Open, Choose, Drag & Drop’ With VORTEK Spaces

It’s as easy as ‘point, click, select, open, choose, drag & drop’ with VORTEK Spaces

You know how easy it is to produce good-looking photos with just a smartphone and an app these days – even without pro photography skills?  Wouldn’t it be nice if there were something like that for your 3D renders? Well good news; there is! VORTEK Spaces does for 3D renders what Instagram does for photos.  It’s as easy as ‘point, click, select, open, choose, drag & drop’.

With foot traffic to showrooms experiencing a slump, anyone selling kitchens, closets and bathrooms retail has to be looking for new ways to showcase their product to homeowners.  With the VORTEK Spaces app, designers can quickly and easily provide an interactive walkthrough experience that will be exciting – whether it is shared in person, in an email or on social media.

3D Materials

Simply take your bare-bones Cabinet Vision drawing – without having added any heavy décor objects or lighting – and upload into VORTEK Spaces.  The 3D render is generated lightning-fast and then the fun begins!

Select materials. It couldn’t be easier.  Click on a surface; wall, countertop, any combo of cabinets and you’ll see a banner of available real materials and finishes from suppliers you’re already using.

Live Materials

Add lighting.  You don’t need to have placed your lighting in Cabinet Vision!  Drag and drop from a selection of single or multiple lights.  Adjusting the direction and lighting effects for both indoors and outdoors is so intuitive – you’ll enjoy using the sliders to create different moods (romantic soirée or sunshine-y morning?).


Add 3D accessories. Make your space look finished with an extensive and ever-growing library of objects to complete the décor.  Your client will love seeing the whole room come together.  You’ll love how little time it took.

3d 2

Create & share your walkthrough.  After selecting as many viewpoints as you wish, the app automatically generates a walkthrough of your space.  You can add a soundtrack and customize with your logo and intro video.  Sharing to YouTube is done right from the app! Now you’re marketing and selling at the same time. You can create Interactive 3D walkthroughs, still images from as many viewpoints as you choose to define, 360 video visits, and interactive VR visits.

Watch the video to see what we mean:

Read what people have said about it:

“When she saw it she began to cry, saying how beautiful it was. Quite the reaction! We are excited about how that will affect our sales.”

– Drew Jones, GCW Kitchens & Cabinetry

“VORTEK Spaces has been an incredibly valuable tool for our team and our clients.”

– Chervin Kitchen & Bath

“You guys have done a great job.  It will really help us present to our clients a near perfect render of their kitchen.”

– Mick Gee, joinerydotcom

“Every job that we have taken the time to generate a virtual walkthru using VORTEK Spaces, we have sold the job.”

– Leland Thomasset, Taghkanic Woodworking

“We’re using VORTEK Spaces for almost all our jobs and our clients love it.”

– Monica Soos, SOFO Kitchens

“We save time, we minimize errors: what we pitch is what we produce.”

– Mathieu Simard, Simard Cuisine et salle de bains

Would you like to see VORTEK Spaces in action?

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