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#BeSocial: Woodworkers Can Be Awesome Marketers, Too.

#BeSocial: Woodworkers Can Be Awesome Marketers, too.

by Planit Canada Marketing Coordinator, Katrina Legault

Ah, marketing. The lone ranger, the black sheep, that one department in your organization that might be overlooked because you just don’t think it’s worth your time or your money or your creative energy. I hear you, loud and clear. It can be daunting, and the digital marketing world is evolving very quickly, which isn’t exactly encouraging when you just don’t know where to start.

As our understanding of the effects of the pandemic grows and changes, we might feel both hope and concern for the future in equal measure. As we establish a new sense of normalcy, and look for new ways to strengthen our business, ramping up our marketing game will be especially important. We want to make some noise in a big way, and we want to generate some brand awareness to ensure that we’re all making it out of this with our heads well above water.

Myself and my marketing partner in crime at Planit Canada see the marketing potential in our industry and decided to introduce a new content series that we’ve dubbed #BeSocial. With Social Media being a huge part of my role at Planit Canada, I strive to create an awesome online community for the incredible woodworkers, business owners, and passionate cabinet makers who create fabulous content and have an important message to convey. We’re a tightly knit community, and we’re always in this together to help each other grow and succeed.

Here’s what we’re trying to accomplish: we want to promote a stronger and even more awesome online community. We want to see your renders, we want to read your blogs and we want to share your content. Together, we can make some online noise that even your CNC machines would be proud of!

We’ve been watching you and your marketing skills, and learning a thing (or twelve!) ourselves from some of the content that you all star woodworkers are delivering for our industry. We want to help you promote this part of your business, and inspire you to develop some best practices, fine tune your key messaging statements, review your website, start a YouTube channel and develop a solid social media strategy. We’re excited to be featuring some awesome key players, too!

Grab your smartphones, ladies and gents! #ItsAboutToGoDown

So, why are you in the manufacturing business?

First up, we need to get those key messaging statements down pat.

Hear us out: if you take away one single thing from this entire series, this is it. Write it down, highlight it, or do what you’ve got to do. You’re going to need this time and time again.

Take a moment and ask yourself why you do what you do.

The obvious answer might be profit, but we’re sorry to report that profit is a result, not a purpose. Dig deeper, put some thought into it and ask around; perhaps someone around you has some valuable insight.

The idea here is that understanding your “why” is the key to delivering awesome marketing content. If you’re passionate about what you do, this will translate into quality, creative content that you can use across multiple channels to promote your brand.

For example, at Planit Canada, we don’t just sell software for woodworkers.

“Our vision is to eliminate any task that is detrimental to creativity, productivity or profitability so that all Canadian woodworkers can get back to the business of making beautiful things, enjoying their lives, and loving their families. In short, we want our entire extended family to BE AWESOME in every way.”

This is a statement that we have put a lot of thought into, and we urge you to do the same. Once you understand what you’re passionate about and what truly drives your business, your marketing game will change!

#BeSocial Spotlight: Chervin Kitchen & Bath

“Chervin Kitchen & Bath builds high-quality custom cabinetry near Waterloo, Ontario. We’re committed to following the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We practice it in everything we do to ensure our commitment to customers.”

-Chervin Kitchen & Bath

Our relationship with Chervin Kitchen & Bath goes way back. Being one of our longest standing partnerships, Chervin has been running our software for decades; from the initial Cabnetware movement, transitioning to Cabinet Vision, growing to 35 CV licenses and now avid VORTEK Spaces users. Planit Canada is proud to be a part of Chervin’s story, and it’s always a pleasure to work with them to help improve their processes and help them implement the software seamlessly. Planit Canada is a part of their story, but they are certainly a part of ours: they have taught us a lot about the standard that we set for ourselves.

Chervin Kitchen & Bath’s Key Messaging Displayed on Their Website

Screen Shot 2020 06 03 At 1.32.27 PM

A few months ago, we had the opportunity to sit down with some of the team at Chervin to discuss their key messaging statement, their experience with Cabinet Vision and their use of VORTEK Spaces. Through our conversations, we could sense how important Chervin’s key messaging is to everything that they do.

We sat down with Jon Staken, Director of Sales and Design who shared how Honoring God, and their desire to do the best that they can are at the core of what their business practices.

They refer heavily to the Golden Means of Perfection, a combination of the golden rule and the mathematical principle of the golden ratio. They vow to treat their customers the way we would want to be treated, and the way THEY would want to be treated. They tie this into their design aesthetic, where they set the highest standards in order to achieve top quality designs and products, every single time.

Some Awesome Examples from Chervin Kitchen & Bath’s Social Media


In our books, no space should be wasted space. Every area of your home is capable of having a purpose, whether that is an artistic display, or hosting.

-Chervin Kitchen & Bath


Considering partnering with us on your next renovation or build? Now you can get to know a bit about our team before your first design consultation! Our team profiles on our new website are both informative and fun – we can’t wait to hear what you think! We are so thankful for these engaging and talented members of the Chervin family, and all they do to keep the Chervin experience one you’ll love.

-Chervin Kitchen & Bath


Some of the highest compliments we receive are about our dedicated team of Installers. They install custom cabinetry with unmatched diligence, care and attention to detail. Not only that but they’re friendly, engaging and incredibly skilled, ensuring every piece arrives in perfect condition, every element is installed with the utmost accuracy, and every space is left immaculate.

At the end of the day, they’re here to partner with you to make your home beautiful, functional and durable from every angle.

-Chervin Kitchen & Bath

If you’ve made it all the way here, we hope that you enjoyed it and that you feel inspired to ramp up your marketing game! We have a lot more in store and we can’t wait to share it all with you.

The next installment of our #BeSocial series will cover our best tips on collecting quality content, and getting some awesome visual assets. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to make sure you don’t miss a thing! We want to engage with your content and start some awesome conversations with you.

Would like to be a part of our #BeSocial conversation?

Let’s chat – we would love to work with you!

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