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Bringing In New Talent

Bringing in New Talent

Planit Canada is Adding Two Geniuses to our Service Team.

Training staff, upgrading software, installing the new version, revamping processes and even acquiring new machinery – not a bad way for woodshop owners to get through the last two months.  We’ve seen a lot of this type of continuous improvement among our clients and we couldn’t be happier to help.

We are excited to be adding two new geniuses to our service team; Anthony Peretu and Elise Findlay.  With impressive experience behind them, they are ready to hit the ground running with basic training, simple software installations and troubleshooting, while our powerhouse techs do some of the more complex work – creating User Created Standards, machine posts and large network installs.

AnthonyPeretu Scaled

Anthony Peretu’s background in residential architecture and kitchen design lends him an excellent understanding of construction methods and a passion for solving the unique challenges associated with building beautiful things. A true gent with a reassuring manner, he’s just the kind of guy you want to hear on the phone when your system is down or when you’re struggling to learn a new software.

“Equipping clients with tools that maximise the potential of production processes while they enjoy their creative passions and scaleup their businesses is such a delight for me.  I would love to continue driving the future of woodwork production through technology, while supporting the growth of such an Innovative and vital Industry.”- Anthony Peretu, Planit Canada Technical Support

EliseFindlay Scaled

Elise Findlay, a surfer / snowboarder with boundless energy, has been a cabinetmaker for 6 years and a Cabinet Vision user for 2 years, focusing on drafting and CNC programming.  Currently attending the Alberta University of the Arts in Calgary, majoring in Drawing with a minor in 3D object design where she explores digital and technological possibilities in connection with the production of artwork. Elise will be working for Planit Canada full-time during the summer and part-time during school.

“There is something really special to be found at the intersection of technology and creativity and I look forward to helping remove any impediments to this process and to the productivity that emerges from it. My aim is not only to solve problems but to help give our clients the tools they need to remain competitive, innovative, and creative in the woodworking industry.” – Elise Findlay, Planit Canada Technical Support

Are you struggling with a process and feel like there must be a better way?  Our team has visited hundreds of shops across the country and has likely seen that very problem several times.  Let us show you how we’ve helped others save time and frustration.

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