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It Takes A Village

It Takes A Village

At Planit Canada, it’s not only about what we do, but who we get to do it with. By Katrina Legault, Planit Canada Marketing Coordinator.

As most companies do at the beginning of a New Year, we started the year off strong by checking in with our people. We scheduled our first 2021 companywide meeting with every single member of our team, with a long(ish) agenda, and the desire and motivation to make this our best year yet. For our team. For our customers. For our partners. For our industry.

We’re not a huge team. Small but mighty, you recognize through these company meetings the desire that everyone has, in their respective roles, to tackle this year’s goals with excitement, to work on improving our customer service skills, to improve our marketing, and to recap everything that we’ve done last year, and translate it into better practices this year.

We did the rounds. We covered all of the bases, and it’s fascinating to see all of our respective teams fall into one clear direction: to eliminate any task that is detrimental to creativity, productivity or profitability so that all Canadian woodworkers can get back to the business of making beautiful things, enjoying their lives, and loving their families.

We have quite the team at Planit Canada. Here’s how we break it down to perform, and deliver the best that we possibly can.

Service Team

No matter where you’re at in Canada, how big or little your shop is, or if you’ve already integrated software or not, we have an awesome service team that is always ready to answer your questions, find the right solutions for you, and get your shop running to maximize efficiency. It doesn’t matter wether you have a large factory or a small shop – our service team is committed to making sure that you’re getting the most out of your partnership with Planit Canada, and that none of your questions are left unanswered.

Sales Team

Your trusty Planit Canada advisors! We allocate a lot of importance to building lasting connections and relationships, and our sales team is dedicated to offering the best Planit Canada experience. From getting started, to making updates, and addressing concerns and being your go-to contact; they do it all, and they ensure that your vision of software efficiency comes to life.

Admin Team

The unsung heroes behind the scenes, making sure that your order is processed on time. Our admin team provides a solid foundation for us so that the other teams can ensure our clients thrive. Whether that concerns a shop owner, a shop manager, a partner, or an employee – the admin team oversees it all, and makes a lot of magic happen!

Marketing Team

It’s just a small team with a big love for the job. A love for showcasing success stories in our industry. A love for highlighting integrations, wins, and beautiful custom cabinetry. A love for writing about what we do, and sharing it with our community to inspire the best practices in the woodworking industry, and ensuring that you get the most out of your software. We check in with you, keep you up to date on the latest, but also remember to talk about the good stuff – the stuff that everyone wants to hear about.

This year, we’re focused on a new set of goals and challenges. We’re working together to offer a first class human centered customer and employee experience. We’re leveling up our CRM game and communication skills, and we’re continuously improving processes to have a relationship with our customers, our partners and our employees. It takes a village to get the job done – it truly does.

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