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Retirement Of The Dongle-based Licensing System For CABINET VISION Software Products

Retirement of the dongle-based licensing system for CABINET VISION software products

A few years ago, Hexagon manufacturing Intelligence introduced the keyless CLS licensing system for CABINET VISION Software products. However, until now, physical dongles have remained available for new and existing customers.

With the CLS Licence Manager tool, available in the Hexagon Customer Portal, you can select a licence server to install network and standalone licence files. It also offers functionality for licence monitoring, commuting, and revoking of licences. You can also see licence expiry dates and maintenance expiry dates using Licence Manager.

With this system in place, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is beginning to retire the physical dongle-based licensing model. Therefore, Planit Canada will not offer dongles for CABINET VISION software products from today onwards. Existing customers with physical dongles will be able to continue using their products in the immediate term. However, we recommend migration to the keyless licensing system as soon as possible, as these physical keys will not be replaced in the event of loss, theft, or damage.

We would be delighted to answer your questions about these changes.

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