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Peter Mate, Advocating For The Devil

Peter Mate, Advocating for the Devil

by Planit Canada President Peter Mate

I love debating. I love to challenge thoughts and opinions. Playing devil’s advocate is my middle name. It’s easy to have an opinion and stick to it but opening up to the possibility that there could be an alternative view that is as relevant, or more, is a skill.

Most great leaders I’ve met have had the ability to question their methods, beliefs and values objectively. When you are open to learning, and you make the time to learn, you can’t help but grow. Open your calendar, scroll to the point where you start having openings and schedule in some time to attend trade events, online webinars, user group meetings, research a solution to a problem or anything that will move the dial on your knowledge. Just like when financial gurus say, “Pay yourself first”, schedule time in your calendar to get smart.

It doesn’t just happen. Stick with it and you’ll notice that the more time you set aside to solve problems at the root and enhance your knowledge, the less fires you’ll have to put out on an ongoing basis.

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