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We Hired A Millennial And She Changed The Game by Asking – “there Must Be An App For That?”

We hired a millennial and she changed the game by asking – “there must be an app for that?”

by Amanda Gay, Planit Canada Marketing Manager 

There is no greater feeling than delegating a task to a new hire and watching them do it better than you could have done. This is especially likely to happen in social media marketing today.  Rather than being frustrated by emojis and confused by hashtags, our new hire and proud member of the millennial generation, wields them like weapons of mass entertainment and draws clicks to our hard-earned content like we’d never succeeded to do.


While planning an Industry 4.0 seminar with partners, we discussed the uncomfortable truth about shop tours – the acoustics are brutal, and those headsets never quite work.  Clunky, expensive, and undependable, we’ve always wished there was an alternative.  Hand it to a millennial to ask: “there must be an app for that?”  And then she found one.


I was sceptical.  Expecting our guests to bring their smart phone, download an app, choose the right WiFi network – it all sounded like too many opportunities to fail.  Fortunately for us – we work for Planit Canada; where failing is acceptable and trying crazy new ideas is encouraged.


I’ll admit it – we did fail the first time.  Oh, and the second time.  But once we found the right mic, it worked like MAGIC.  Thanks to an email campaign before the event, many guests arrived with the app already loaded, with their own favorite headphones, and with a great attitude about the new concept.  The sound was awesome and we’re doubling down on the AudioFetch for shop tours moving forward.


So, in business, as in life – don’t be afraid to fail.  And don’t discount what someone says just because they’re young.  Welcome to the team, Katrina Legault!  Looking forward to our next epic fail (and awesome success).

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