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The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

by Planit Canada President, Peter Mate

If I had to pick the top thing that I learned from my dad, it’s the ability to build genuine relationships. Growing up, I’ve always remembered my dad working with people in all of his roles. He always found a way to find common ground with all types of people. There was always something that he could talk about and relate to with anyone, from any walk of life.

My dad was always OK with the fact that he’s not perfect, and he never expected anyone else to be. We all have things to work on, moods that take over sometimes and we should be understanding and have a little bit of empathy. As a result, I’ve always tried to greet people with this in mind. He didn’t focus on the bad, but looked for the good. He still does.

Just coming off of a great Industry 4.0 event with Biesse Canada in partnership with Web-Cab, I can’t help but remember the past 20 years of building relationships in this industry. I’ve been blessed with so many. I love working with people that enable others to be better. Working with partners to help grow our industry and better our customers gives me an amazing feeling of satisfaction like no amount of money could. All we want is to help woodworkers BE AWESOME. When you have this frame of mind entering into a relationship, you increase your chances of actually caring about others and connecting with other human beings. Looking back at all the relationships that I’ve built with industry colleagues, partners, customers and competitors, I can’t help but feel a strong sense of accomplishment.

I’m grateful that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. I can’t help but provide an amazing place to work for people to feel safe and comfortable to grow to their full potential. Empowering others to build those same relationships is even more rewarding. I just can’t get enough of what I do. I’m lovin’ it.

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