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Uncovering A New Strength, Together

Uncovering a New Strength, Together

by Jolanta Lukasz, Planit Canada Sales Manager

The instructions are clear: “Stay home if you had travelled, work from home, don’t go anywhere, follow the rules of social distancing.” Sounds lonely – but surprisingly, social distancing is bringing people together. How’s that for irony?

The question is; can we go on as if nothing changed and hope for the best? Definitely not, because business is not the same and won’t be for a while. Do you still remember your last pre-Covid meeting? Seems like a million years ago. In this new reality, though every workplace may be different, all businesses have one important thing in common: we need a solid game plan. Preparedness for the next 3-6 months is priority. Taking care of our clients and our employees is crucial. As we put our respective game plans together, transparency with our teams has become more important than ever.

As with any other business, Planit Canada is looking into different options. We are faced with a situation that will require making some adjustments. Some could be unpleasant, but necessary, like temporarily sending people home, or reducing work hours. Some will be minor, like asking people to work from home.

As a company, we’ve prioritized check-ins with our clients. We can more than empathize with those business owners working from home, juggling work and family … possibly stepping on LEGO pieces (Ouch! Not pleasant). We are heartened to see many of our clients are still in production, taking advantage of this slow period to improve processes and make upgrades – things that are more difficult for shops to achieve when business is rolling. We are definitely making the same investments.

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While making calls or sending emails, we try to put ourselves in their shoes and show compassion and patience. Some things will go back to normal and some never will.

Take a deep breath…

Stay safe.

We will go back to work soon and greet our colleagues with a hug or a handshake. We will go back to our offices and shop floors and gently run our fingers on the edge of our desks and CNC machines as if we missed them. We will design beautiful kitchens. For now, though…. we work from home. For now, perhaps CNC has new meaning?… like Coffee aNd Cake?

Take a deep breath…

Stay safe.

Let’s take care of the owners, employees and clients. After all, we will be rebuilding and growing the industry together. Can Social distancing uncover a new strength in your business and your workplace? You would be surprised what can happen when people stay united. Some call it magic, some call it teamwork.

If your business is still running, our team is ready to service you. If you took a break, we will be here for you as soon as you’re ready. Until then, we are here to listen and support you.

Take a deep breath…

Stay safe.

A message to our clients

During these challenging weeks and months, the strength of your business is our primary concern.  Our support team is here to help you with setting up for remote work, staff training, continuous improvement, and to offer technical support.  Reach out to us to find out what we can do to bolster your business.

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