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A Checklist For Tomorrow (2021 Edition)

A Checklist for Tomorrow (2021 Edition)

Entering a new year with a growth mindset

How is your business going to innovate this year? From improving how you track parts through your shop, to revving up your sales technique, we have a wish list for the visionary in your heart!

  1. Sell more projects this year! Incorporate the next generation of tech into your sales process with a virtual showroom. Can you see your future in virtual reality? It looks pretty awesome, right? Ask our team about VORTEK Spaces or read more here.
  2. Lost parts are SO yesterday. Track your parts through your shop, to your shipping dock and right onsite with WEB-CAB’s Production Assistant. Ask our team about WEB-CAB or read more here.
  3. Jobsite Tracking – what is it? It’s everything, that’s what.  An add-on to the previously mentioned Production Assistant by WEB-CAB, this puts everything your installers need right on their phones. A complete list of all parts they’re supposed to have, as well as additional assembly information right where and when they need it.  They can scan all bar codes as they take items off the truck – the phone IS the scanner!  Not only that, but if a part is missing or damaged, they enter the data into the specific project file; the data is collected and notifications are sent in real time. Ask our team about Jobsite Tracking.
  4. When one door closes… you just open it again! That’s how doors work. If you aren’t already doing your own doors, we recommend having a look at the new CABINET VISION 2021 door manager – it might change your mind! If you’ve already been doing your own doors, you’ll love having more control over your Door Catalog. You can now change the door style based on pre-determined size requirements or conditions, using Door Association Matrices. The new door manager is available with the Core Cabinet and/or the Closet Industry solution, meaning that it is in fact available for all users. Ask our team about CABINET VISION 2021 or read more about its top features here.
  5. Professional services – help us help you! Give us your workflow checklist (you know, all those problem items you have to double-check before proceeding with a project) and let us use our expertise to streamline your processes.  Save time on each project, save lots of time over the year!  So worth the initial investment.  Why suffer alone when we are right here? Ask our team about professional services or read more here.
  6. Every time your staff changes over, you’re losing precious knowledge!!! We can come in and train new staff or help you with ongoing staff development.  Maybe you have some projects in mind but aren’t sure how to work on them?  Get some “A-ha’s!” in this year by investing in continuous improvement.  Ask our team about training options or read more here.
  7. You’re not still sending people onsite with paper and a tape measure, are you? New year, fresh start, efficient measuring tools! Our Leica Geosystems Disto series is directly integrated with CABINET VISION, so you can save time and reduce errors.  Ask our team about laser measuring or read more here.
  8. Step up your marketing game! 2020 was the year of going virtual, so why not make sure that your online marketing is up to par? From web development, to blogging, to tackling social media platforms and much more; a lot has changed in the marketing world, and it’s important to stay up to date to avoid being left behind on your #marketinggame. We share some tips about crafting the right vision for your brand here, and we dive into capturing picture perfect moments here!
  9. Go lean! When you evolve in a Lean environment, you gain a different perspective on operations and what the impact of implementing the related principles can have on results, on operations – but mostly, on people. Yes, that’s right. The greatest impact is on what drives a company every day, on the heart and soul of the business; the humans behind the logo. Read more about Lean Manufacturing principles here.
  10. Don’t be your only resource, and don’t be the person that needs to drop everything because you’re the only fixer – the only one that everybody depends on. Technology is an incredible resource that is literally at the tip of your fingers, and we have all of the right people in place to make the transition and the integration go so smoothly, you’ll wish you had done it sooner. Don’t be that person who has to leave their daughter’s birthday dinner because the machine broke, and nobody else can fix it but you. Work-life balance is important, and we have the technology to support it. Ask our team about how we can help improve your work-life balance.

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